Top 3 Skateboards for Kids & Adults

1.       Destructor Camouflage

Destructor camouflage is new and efficient fiber skateboard. It is suitable for kids and adults specially recommended for 6 to 14 years & above. Skateboard wheel is good for rotate 360 degree rotation. PU wheels are durable and reliable for skating. Cruiser is causal skating are applicable. It is long and effective grip support that you don’t lose your confidence. A high quality truck with metal support gives you better and effective riding experience. The unique pattern design also attracts the kids and adults to encourage the skateboarding in your street.      

Note: First time user may require some lesson or session to play with skateboard. Please initially do it under the supervision under the expert.

2.       Carbon Graphite

Carbon Graphite is another skateboard for kids and adults. Best skateboard to do advanced tricks on the streets or play ground. As per same feature exists in camouflage as exists in carbon graphite. It is 31 x 8 inches wide deck. It gives extra grip and better support facility to kids or adults. Black shaped standard skateboard classy looks that gives decent looks.

Wheels and metal trucks give you flexibility while doing skateboarding. Highly recommended for carbon skateboard for kids and adults. Better and efficient skating experience ever you haven’t dreamt to be.

3.       Graffiti

Another destructor series is graffiti. It is unique design pattern exists multicolor skateboard. Multi pattern design looks great while doing skating. Better gripping facility is available and best design as compare to other skateboards.

31 x 8 inches skateboard with fiber material manufactured in India. Recommended for kids and adults. 6 yrs to 14 yrs adults could try it graffiti skateboard.

Better and to do pro tricks in your street but learn before implement it.

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