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Cricket sport is one of famous sports in India as well as abroad. Cricket game provides ability to play their own game with their own decisions. While doing batting or bowling we can make our own decision results. But it is not permanent, you play well every time.  Various ups and downs happen while playing cricket.  

Cricket sport is playing between two teams. Bat and ball are key or equipments to play the cricket. Batsmen need to wear all protective set with bat. While blowers are ready to deliver the ball. Leather ball, tennis ball, soft ball and many more are available to play with cricket. Playing ground is also having multiple options such as you can play in street, parks, play ground.

In this sport, batting team to make more runs to score while opponent team are required to stop their runs. The basic one day match played with 50 over’s. In t-20 game, it usually played 20 over’s each side. More run make need to chase by the opponent team. So overall, it is neck to neck fight to chaise or make more run in the ground.

Each team player consists of 11 players. Where one wicket keeper and one caption and vice caption is required. Caption needs to make decision about the overall game in each side. So planning is required in game.

Additionally, there are three types of blowers (fast, medium and spinner) exists in cricket. In short, we must know the basic idea of cricket.

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