2) Jaspo Destructor Camouflage Fiber Skateboards 31″X8″ Inches, Suitable for Age Group Above 8 Years

(87 customer reviews)


  • Ultra Light Weight
  • Perfect Size And Shape
  • Grip Tape Attached
  • Durable Skateboard
  • Attractive Hydrographic Prints Like Skull, Camouflage, Carbon And Different Graffities
  • Standard Size 31” X 8”
  • Can Perform Multiple Stunts
  • Destructor Graffiti
  • Deck  : Fibre Composite  31” X 8”
  • Wheels : 55 Mm 90 A Poly Urethane
  • Recommended Age Group : 10 Years And Above
  • Weight Handling Capacity : Upto 100 Kgs/220 Lbs
  • 1 Pc Jaspo Fully Assembled Destructor Graffiti Skateboard


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Premium Quality Of Destructor Camouflage Skateboard

The Destructor Camouflage Is A Made With A Newer Manufacturing Process Which Provides A Very Good Quality Skateboard At A Very Affordable Price. Once You Have Learnt How To Get On A Board And How To Balance A Skateboard, Now Its Time To Learn Some Basic Stunts And Tricks.

This Skateboard Is The Best Options For All Intermediate Skateboarders. You Can Easily Perform All Stunts Like Power Slide, 360, Ollie. Our Technical Team Has Been Working Hard Constantly Upon Increasing The Strength And Is Thoroughly Applying The Skateboarding Standards And Principals. Skateboard For Adults Price In India

Here At Jaspo Worldwide A Complete Skateboard Online Store. We Are Deeply Concerned With Customer’s Safety And Satisfaction So We Have Used The Best Material In Making Skateboards.

This Jaspo Destructor Skateboards 31” X 8” Are Best To Be Given To Intermediate Skateboarders To Learn Multiple Stunts At Initial Stages. They Can Easily Learn Riding, Balancing And Even Performing Some Stunts By Riding Or You Can Easily Doing Multiple Perform Tricks Because This Board Shape Is Perfect For This Things. Skateboard For Adults Price In India. A skateboard is a type of sports equipment used for skateboarding.  It is specially designed plywood deck with a polyurethane coating for smoothness and durability and wheels,



Wheels Of 55mm 90 A Polyurethane (Large Diameter) Is Specially Designed For Making Your Ride Smooth At Any Terrain.

These Polyurethane Wheels Best For Street Skating, Park Skate, Ramps, Pools, And Other Smooth And Even Rough Grounds.

Its Large Diameter Makes To Roll Faster. Its 55mm Size Maintain High Speed On Ramps Without Sliding.



Its High Edge Gravity Cast Trucks Made Up Of Fibre Composite Gives The Skater The Best Experience To Perform Ollie And Flip Tricks. It Is Ideal For Cutting And Forceful Riding. Premium Quality Of Trucks Wheels.



Destructor Camouflage Board Is A Versatile Size And Shape That Works Well For Street And Park Riding. It’s excellent quality Indian made deck. This Jaspo Special Deck will make a great addition to anyone’s collection. We Are Also Manufacturing In Different Type Of Skateboard Deck.



This Hardware Is Very Strong And Reliable Yet Is Still Offered At A Great Price.


Grip Tape

That Is Good For Skaters Looking For Normal Bite Yet Still Having The Ability To Slide Your Foot A Bit When Needed. Destructor Camouflage A Good Choice For Street Skaters. The Price Is For One Sheet Of 9″ X 33″ Black Grip Only.



Being an important element we can’t afford ignoring print area of our skateboards. We have a huge variety of hydrographic printings for your choice like : camouflage, carbon graphite and many graffities…

Most Skaters Say They Really Don’t Notice A Difference In The Pop Or Feel And Some Even Think It’s Better Than Other High Priced Boards.

Please If You have Any Questions Or You Need Help With any Tricks Leave It In The Comments below Thank You Very Much Please subscribe My Site And We this Information Has Taught Tens Of Thousands of People All Over The World The Basics of Skateboarding.



We Offer Free Ground Shipping For All Orders Over India. For International Orders, Please Contact Us For An Accurate Shipping Quote Before Ordering. Orders Are Usually Shipped Within Two Business Days Of Receiving Payment Except During Inventory Periods. Over The Summer Months, We Will Sometimes Hold A Deck Order For A Few Days To Minimize The Chance Of Heat Damage Due To It Sitting In A Hot Delivery Vehicle Over A Weekend.

Any Time Ask For Further Questions And Information Via Contact. Thanks For Taking The Time To Visit Our Web Site Read This Important Information. I Hope Your Experience will Good.

Suggested For Adolescents. Teenagers And Youths. An Ideal Item For Gifting As Well.


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87 reviews for 2) Jaspo Destructor Camouflage Fiber Skateboards 31″X8″ Inches, Suitable for Age Group Above 8 Years

  1. Suraj Kailay

    It is a very good product and in best quality. Thanks Jaspo!:)

  2. Varun

    Best product. You can buy any kind of skates and other sports products here.

  3. Amrit Pal Singh

    The quality of the product is very good ? overall features are great.

  4. Sharanpreet Kaur

    It is very durable and good in quality. All kind of skates in many ranges are available here.

  5. Meena

    I am very happy to buy this product.

  6. Naresh sharma

    Best product ever

  7. Naresh Kumar

    Product build quality is excellent. Very good product. The built quality is good and the wheels are also nice.

  8. Naresh Kumar

    So far it is a pretty strudy board. Had a couple of tumbles and it hasn’t cracked or bent. The design is exactly as pictured what is really cool! I am so happy.

  9. Gurpreet Singh

    I ordered product Destructor camouflage . Quality good,received the same color,very happy with customer support.

  10. Chander Kumar

    Nice Skateboard. Every thing from the Destructor camouflage is awesome and very fine work and good quality of Skateboard.

  11. Suresh Kumar

    Value for money product Destructor camoufladage . The skateboard was very affordable and had a good quality. I absolutely loved my Skateboard.

  12. Nitish Kumar

    first skateboard experience but best experience very good Jaspo Worldwide.

  13. Deepak Kumar

    good quality, good buy.

  14. Jasmeet singh

    My kid loves it! This board is amazing. Great buy for an extremely good price!

  15. Gurpreet Singh

    I bought this because I wanted a long board but they were too expensive… I love this board! It’s really easy to ride! Great for the price and if you get it you won’t regret it! I’m 120lbs and it holds up.

  16. Jasmeet Singh

    I purchased the skateboard, I really enjoy for using this wonderful skateboard. It is best for adults and very affordable price specially providing in India.

  17. Gurpreet Singh

    Best skateboard for adults in India. Worth buying and good experience.

  18. Rohan Verma

    It is recommended for kids and adults and cheap price in India. Good experience I really enjoy for skateboard.

  19. Manish Kumar

    I bought this skateboard and usually rely on Jaspo product. It is best manufacturing skateboards in India with quality products. Using this skateboard, I usually play longer using skateboarding. For my experience, it is best for kids, adults, girls, boys, men and woman as well.

  20. Ramesh Kumar

    I bought so many products from Jaspo. It is safer and best buy option in india. For adults , I usually prefer Jaspo products.

  21. Rayalu Manne

    For adults my destructor skateboard is good for it. I refers this skateboard my friends as well. It is good platform to buy these such quality product in online.

  22. Manisha Sharma

    Bought a wonderful skateboard for my kids. Both are happy and using this excellent skateboard which is available in India. It is like dream come true using this skateboard. I also used the professional skateboard that is convenient for adult as well.

  23. Nisha Gupta

    For adults, it is completely unique and durable skateboard available in india. I love to buy this skateboard, it boosts my confidence and increase my playability.

  24. Anshu Verma

    Nice product. My kids are enjoying with the skateboard. They build more confidence while riding.

  25. Priya Chopra

    I bought the skateboard, it having nice experience while playing and increase confidence. Nice product with good quality in india.

  26. Manisha Gupta

    Best skateboard for adults provides best price as well. Trucks, bearing handling weight is enough to handle more than 100 kg. Worth buying product.

  27. Mohd Asif

    Camouflage skateboard I think one of the best skateboard I ever used. It reliable and handle heavy weight their strong deck capacity handling and not vibrate the riding.

  28. Garima Jain

    Good product! Best price range available in india.

  29. Jiya Khan

    Destructor camouflage good skateboard best usage for kids, boys and girls too.

  30. Heena Verma

    I bought a destructor skateboard for my kids. It is a really awesome product and my kids are enjoying it. Thank you jaspo.

  31. Mohd Asif

    Best usage for a destructor camo, it is a great, compact and durable product.

  32. Kavita Sharma

    Best skateboard for kids and adults. I really enjoy tricking on the streets.

  33. Diya Verma

    Best skateboard for kids and adults. I really enjoyed using the destructor series. Love to use it. Thanks jaspo.

  34. Jasmeet Singh

    Jaspo is the only company who manufactured skateboards and other accessories in india. Best and durable product that comes with a long lasting skateboard.

  35. Joyal George

    Best skateboard, Nice product better shape and rotate faster as compared to other skateboards.

  36. Manisha Sharma

    Nice product best usage for kids and adults.

  37. Rohit Verma

    Good one destructor skateboard. Handling my weight with no bubbling.

  38. Riya Sharma

    Best skateboard I ever used. Best for tricking the skating best for rotating purposes. Best skateboard nice product.

  39. Harmeet Singh

    My second skateboard was purchased from jaspo website. It is a good product and long lasting. Best usage to skateboarding.

  40. Tanish Arora

    Nice product and having extra support with grip. Nice and comfortable product as compared to other skateboards.

  41. Payal Verma

    Goood product destructor skateboard. I love to skate even though I tried with my friends too.

  42. Diya Sharma

    Nice product. I have purchase this skateboard a week ago. Best skateboard best of luck Jaspo.

  43. Manish Kumar

    Good quality product available in India. Better wheels with noiseless riding experience.

  44. Ashish Sawadia

    Love to buy this skateboard handling my enough weight. Wheels are rotating 360 degree great impact.

  45. uday kiran

    Nice product shaped attracts me a lot. Love to do skateboarding.

  46. Garima Jain

    Destructor skateboard better quality fiber skateboard available in india. Good for kids and adults too.

  47. Mohd Asif

    Nicceeeeeeeeeeeeee product.

  48. Parveen Kumar

    Better grip in destructor skateboard. Good for kids and adults skating experience.

  49. Joyal George

    Good Quality with Jaspo skateboard. Best product I ever used.

  50. Ali Mirza

    Great product. Better grip and sprint riding experience with this skateboard.

  51. Shreeram Sethuraman

    Good one. My kids are enjoyed using this skateboard. Best available in market. Nicee product.

  52. Harpreet Singh

    The quality of product is too Good. I am Very happy from this service. Thanks Jaspo Worldwide

  53. Rajan Sharma

    Destructor skateboard is best for adults. I really enjoy riding with skateboarding.

  54. Parveen Verma

    Amazing product. I purchase skateboard from Jaspo Worldwide. it has good quality product. this company provide the good service to customers.

  55. Garima Jain

    Buy 10 skateboard from Jaspo Worldwide. this company provide the complete information realted to product and completely guide to customer. it is trustful company.

  56. Manjunath Swami

    I buy skateboard for my adult kids in past two weeks. It is completely outstanding product available in india.

  57. Animesh Boruah

    Purchased destructor skateboard in past 10 days. I reviewed this skateboard so it is completely better and sprint riding skateboard. Best for kids and adults too.

  58. Joban Sharma

    I bought a skateboard for my kid. It is good and complete faster than other branded skateboards. One big difference in this skateboard is better bearing support and better grip.

  59. Shreeram Sethuraman

    Great product specially for kids and adults. My 12 year old son does skating tricks and bears his weight easily.

  60. Garima Jain

    Nice shaped skateboard, compact and unique design available destructor skateboard. Best in India and suitable for kids, boys and girls.

  61. Kritika Verma

    Awesome product. I really enjooooooyed it. Faster and better grip. No bubbling and noiseless riding experience.

  62. manisha sunar

    Initially, skateboarding is quite average as it looks wise. But when i ride it i feel, this skateboard is having better accessories equipped and best usage for skaters.

  63. Parveen Kumar

    Best for boys and girls. Beginner and learner should buy this quality product skateboard available only in india.

  64. Diya Sharma

    Nice product 31 x 8 skateboard with maximum weight handling capacity is 70 to 90 kg weight. Better equipped and unique pattern design attracts in the street.

  65. Ravi Kuchharlapati

    Fiber material also eco friendly skateboard material is used. Great for handling, tricking which consume less space. Great product.

  66. Ravi Kuchharlapati

    Best skateboard for boys and adults. Nicely shaped wide skateboard.

  67. Komal Verma

    Best skateboard for boys and adults. Nicely shaped wide skateboard.

  68. Yadev Verma

    Nice products, I am enjoying it. On a daily basis I used to try it on my nearby ground. Best support and nice gripping when doing tricks.

  69. Heena Khan

    i bought skateboard is past week, Great skateboard no bubbling great to go.

  70. Manoj Kumar

    Best skateboard available in india. Nice and durable product available suitable for boys and girls.

  71. Kanchan Sharma

    Better tricks on skateboard suitable for boys and adults. I love to buy these type of skateboard.

  72. Amit Sharma

    Niceeeeee! product having great durablity and long lasting. I have did so many tricks using destructor skateboard.

  73. Omarfaiza Dhamankar

    Very nice product good goinggggg jaspo. Best available in the market.


    Good one very nice quality. I usually do skating for longer hours.

  75. P Charan

    This product has very good flexibility. You can rotate 360 degree. Best available skateboard in the market.

  76. Dr Carlton Pereira

    I bought the skateboard i last week. good one keep it up jaspo providing the quality products.

  77. Kajal Sharma

    Best product online available that suits for boys and girls. Great durability and long lasting product.

  78. Manish Kumar

    This skateboard is having best ability to handle weight. No bubbling issue best available online.

  79. Mohd Asif

    Best for adults, boys and girls. Recommended for longer hour riding.

  80. Komal Shrama

    i buy camo skateboard in last week. Great skateboard ever durable and lightweight that handle my weight easy.

  81. Joyal George

    Perform better advanced tricks and suitable for adults. Best available in the market. Nice product jaspo.

  82. Kajal Sharma

    I purchase the skateboard for my boy; it is just wonderful experience to buy the quality skateboard. Nice product.

  83. Vishal Sharma

    Best buying experience with Jaspo with destructor skateboard, heavy duty trucks with great comfort.

  84. Diya Verma

    Nice to have this quality skateboard is available at Jaspo. Great fitting and comfortable while riding.

  85. Harish Kumar

    Good product! Best for kids and adults as they can perform several tricks on the playing surface.

  86. Parveen Kumar

    Best product ever I saw it. Best quality skateboard with enough wide skateboards. If you are beginners you can easily do some basic tricks.

  87. Jiya Khan

    Nic product.

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