Jaspo manufacturing sporting good in india. Jaspo mainly aims to provide sports culture and complete solution in sports good products.

Jaspo management believes in work hard and effective result.


Jaspo company journey is interesting; in 1960 it started to build the 2 wooden rackets for testing purpose.


In 1975 build dozens of wooden racket to start manufacturing unit.

In 1980 wooden racket are banned in India that were issue face by company. Then company started to manufacturethe feather shuttle.


S. Dharm Singh head division member started to build metal rackets in year of 1975.

Company now decided the manufactured total comes into the market in the year of 1980.


In the year of 1980 jaspo started to manufacture the skates in the market.

This is new and effective decision by the company board of members. It started with 10-12 workers to start manufacturing sporting products.


Building the combo products which are great deal for customer perspectives. Secure guards are provided with combo combinations that are beneficial for the customer for security point of view.


Jaspo is always believes to provide best product in the market every time. Day by day difficult days were gone and established a best company in the market.


Jaspo Group of companies is established as now which manufactured different sporting goods these are:

  • Jaspo Industries

Incepted in the year 1999, we were earlier known as Azad Sports. We were then molded to form Jaspo Industries in the bustling new Gautam Nagar.


  • Jaspo Exports

A global demand for our products was felt, this gave birth to Jaspo Exports in the year 2012. We have catered to Mart giants like Reliance, Vishal Mega Mart & Big Bazar.


  • Jaspo Overseas

A continued growing demand overseas led to an increase in the Jaspo Sports global reach. We now serve the quality conscious Europe & U.S Markets.


  • Jaspo Worldwide

Established in the year 2019, this brand unified the message Jaspo Sports carried. It was to enable the beloved sports industry using our products.

Our company also delivers or outsource to other authorized parties to deliver effective and best sporting good in the market.

In india jaspo is one the best skateboarding manufacturing company provides with best and good feedback results.

Jaspo is also provides the protective set gears, wheels, badminton, and other well-known accessories.


Jaspo is Indian sports brand which is providing sports goods in the country.

Jaspo is building world class equipments with high quality and best price policy and superior design given to the customers.

For professional sports individual’s jaspo sports goods is recommended and best use for sporting goods. In sporting sector,


Jaspo is one of the finest and best especially for skateboards goods.

Jaspo is leading an iconic image in the industry well known for sports equipments and accessories such as skateboards, rackets, football, volleyball and basketball.

By doing lots of efforts in building products and get success the enhanced sports goods in the market.

By testing and quality checking procedure gives the best product to customer as well in the market.


Sporting goods practice phase also valuable and effective performance of the product image. This would be best procedure as per customer perspectives.

According to customer view it required to fulfil their expectations and provide the higher quality value for their money.


Company mission and vision are very clear and concise that is beneficial for jaspo customers.


Our Backed team group of professionals in touch with professional and follows their product feedback that could helpful for success of particular product quality.

Survey team is also analysis about the price range and expectations from customer perspective. By promoting procedure and market aware strategy is important aspect and fulfilled by our core team professionals.


Overall, it is best platform to perform and freedom to success the product with no restrictions.

Jaspo is also providing best packaging experts that follow the international packing policy standards.

Overseas countries are also delivers the sporting goods to Europe, UK, Australia and Netherlands.



Jaspo main objective is providing maximum satisfaction to customers or professionals. By providing superior quality of goods such as shoe skates, rackets, skateboards, decks, wheel and etc.

Quality check control team check the product in different levels and passed only quality manufactured products. Jaspo believe in quality not cost and require good feedback from the customer.

Additional products are also build like bat, ball, t20 ball, protective sets and more to enhance and increases wide range of products.



Jaspo main strength is providing the competitive price range of products.

In Addition, providing the unique and customize patterns design in the market. Sporting and flashy look attracts the customer to buy it and encourages playing the sporting events.

Providing easy order policy and convenient for the customer hassle free service.  Experience workforce and better quality checker phase comes best product in the market.

Moreover, on time is one important aspect and delivers to the customer on time. Using the unique and updated technology manufacturing standards provides the trending product across the world.



By providing best service and product manufacturing in INDIA located in Jalandhar (Punjab).

Every unit is divided and well managed with follows international standard policy. There is hassle free operation for manufacturing unit that is also convenient for worker as well.

Our manufacturing unit upgraded machinery units gives the high quality product with unique designs in the market.

Bulk orders and providing on time basis is big challenge for the industry.

Here, we can also handle and gives the best performance in the market. Our commitment is valuable for our customers, marketing individuals.


Jaspo mission is very clear and beneficial for the customers. Jaspo believes with quality not the cost. We also believe to build best product in the market and durable for customers.

Customers would love to buy sporting equipments with no difficulty. We are also providing high rated value products in the market.

You can view our existing and newly manufacturing products in our store: https://skateboardjaspo.com/skateboard-decks-shop/

You can go and see the valuable product that is beneficial for you. We are providing best and high quality premium product in the industry.

You can also explore our skateboards, decks, protective sets, sporting equipments such as rackets, wheels, shuttle, volleyball, basket ball, cricket bat, cricket ball, skipping rope, shoe skates and many more.

In case any difficulties for buying products, we will assist you hassle free and recommended for you right product and no cost effective.

Please visit our website https://skateboardjaspo.com/for more information about our products and wide range of sporting good equipments.

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