Jaspo is Indian company sport goods manufacturing unit that encourages to sports persons and individuals to promote different kinds of sports.

Jaspo is ISO 9001-2008 standard certified company providing the sports goods.

Jaspo is providing the best and good quality materials to the society. With best range of prices and superior quality jaspo believe in quality not selling quantity.

In addition, Jaspo is providing world-class high quality products to every customer. Jaspo is providing wide range of products such as football, volleyball, basketball, cricket bat and ball etc.

Company has full faith of their customers so that they can response the valuable information about every product.

The company efforts and product quality comes with greater benefits towards the company as well as customers. Product innovation and enhanced product variants gives the customer better and value for money.

Around 50 yrs of struggle jaspo is now well-rewound and established manufacturing company exists in worldwide.


  • Established Infrastructure

  • Quality Checking Section

  • In-House Warehouse

  • Talented & Experienced Manpower

Jaspo Industries – Established Infrastructure

A Jaspo industry is providing wide range of products in sports industry. Company have enough infrastructures to maintain each and every section or unit of manufacturing goods.

Every unit is well maintained and follows as per government guidelines. A number of machinery unites are well maintained with eco-friendly environment.

Jaspo Industries – Quality Checking Section

Jaspo Industries having a full proof plan to check their quality products with experts. Our quality checking divided into multiple phases.

These phases are properly check and re-check the products prices range, product quality, product defects or any other related to quality checking phase.

So, 3-4 phases product might be passed depend upon the company product quality checking parameters. As per company perspective quality checking phase is necessary and valuable for the customer.

Jaspo Industries – In-House Warehouse

Jaspo Industry Company has multiple products related to sport equipments such as cricket kits, basketball, volleyball etc.

Every company requires in-house warehouse to maintained and store their inventory.

Jaspo industry having small and big warehouse plants to maintain their inventory. Our team efforts are commendable for maintaining large scale warehouse unit in Jalandhar.

All the sporting equipments are stored and maintained in eco-friendly environment where is very less chance to destroyed.

Our experts are properly and regular checking the products units so that it won’t get any harmful effects.

Jaspo Industries – Talented & Experienced Manpower

Jaspo industry Company believes to adjust with multi-regional manpower. With having large scale of company manpower ability to provide best service.

Company main strength is hiring best and suitable manpower with enough expertise that is helpful for developing best product in the market. Our hiring process is tough and effective for company and employee perspectives.

Jaspo also responsibilities for take care for employees and their benefits so that they can work with ease.

All of above mentioned description of the company, Jaspo is well –rewoned and reliable company in sports industry.

Moreover, company always considers the main strengths is to provide better price, customize service, timely delivery, easy payment methods, qualified manpower and using advanced technology units.

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