Best Waveboards Manufactured in India

India’s best waveboard manufactured developed by Jaspo company. This board comes with great features and suitable for boys and girls. It is recommended for beginner or professional skates. They can ride and do multiple tricks with waveboard. Accordingly, waveboard gives effective features.

Waveboard Features comes deck with slip resistant concave surface. High graded urethane wheels with quality bearing to gives smoother ride. 

Illuminating wheels that ride faster and lights show the track. PU wheels with red, blue and green lights give high performance.

Portable and lightweight board for all children’s choice who want to try skateboarding. It is perfect for playgrounds, driveway and skate board rings.

With Jaspo you can easily 360 degrees and smoother tricks on the applicable surface. 

Jaspo company is always believes the quality product and gives the durable products that is specially meant for kids, boys, girls, teenager and adults. Kids would love to see this kind of skate available in india.

As we know, in India there is lack of skateboarding sport and not aware of it. But nowadays school and institutional mandate the compulsory sports their real life subject.

Now children’s get aware of skating sports. But need to must wear protective kit while doing skateboarding.

In nut shell, it is great games with great skateboard are available on our website. Please our website and explore more products.

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