5 Easiest Skateboarding Tricks for Beginners

Are you planning to start the skateboarding or you are afraid about it.

It is obvious you are dreamt about to do cool tricks as seen on online or any other platform.

Even you try to do skateboarding in your street or want to be.

In addition, you also tried to read some articles for doing the freestyle tricks. Is that works?

In this article, it focuses on the basic and effective skateboarding style tricks which can helpful for you.

You must learn about some popular street skate tricks in this article by understanding the tricks behavior and their benefits.

A few basic skateboarding tricks also impress your friends and colleagues as observable. Initially, skateboarding tricks are required practice and balancing on skateboard is important.

Sometimes it get fall down when you try it before! Understanding each and every aspect is important and valuable related to these sports.

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Before doing skateboard you must need to wear protective set guards to perform well and prevents from any kind of injury.

Especially in the case of children’s requires these kits while doing street skating. There are some effective skating tricks that can help you a lot.

There are five basic skateboarding tricks such as Ollie, flip, bomb drop, fire cracker and more. In below paragraph is detail description about these tricks. You can choose and try it according to your ease. Your contribution is important to try this kind of sporting.


The Ollie is effective and favorite trick for the most skateboarders. The first skateboard trick that should be learns when you start your skateboarding in your street.

You can start with these tricks by taking board from your feet as you jump off. Then you can replace your board under your feet and back on the board has come down from the jump.

The best practice to learn this technique to figure your hand and watch your feet are moving. This is basically hand and eye co-ordination is required to learning more advanced skateboarding tricks.


Initially, you can do skating in your nearby skate riding parks or less-hard surfaces. If you are still unsure about this trick, ask for the consultation to do Ollie trick.


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A beginner skate tricks is flip also known as kick flip. It is basically based on Ollie trick. While doing Ollie when you in the air try to spin the skateboard in the 360 degree and then land it.

The basic key of this trick to flip otherwise you will be land on a skateboard upside down. This is one way to do slowly and you add some simple tricks as well.

More complicated tricks are required more practice. Your skateboarding skills are important by doing the regular practice or learning tricks.


The next trick bomb-drop when your board is down a flight of stairs.

Please make sure jump first with the board in your hand. You can easily fly on the air and similar to the first one.

If you want get expertise under this trick, initially try on mini staircase. Make sure you equipped all the protective set kits before doing it.


It is recommended you wear it high quality with soft padded foam which is not harmful when you get fall down.

Additionally, you can try it on soft surfaces first to prevent any injury or you can consult and try under the supervisor of the expert.

That is effective advice not necessary if you want try it you can!



The next trick under consideration is fire cracker. It is just like when you traveling down flight of stairs.

You can try to adjust your weight back foot. The back edge of the skateboard hitting the step you get a loud noise to hit every step.

So overall, it is great trick that is suitable for newcomers or want to try the skateboarding in their life.


Another type of tricks you can on the ramps. This trick is very helpful for balancing your weight.

In addition, you will automatically increase your confidence while riding. Nose stall is beginner trick you can try first.

You can reach of the ramp or front end skateboard once before it come back.

Just like other sports tricks, you can master yourself by doing tricks and learn about the skateboarding. The concentration and practices sessions helps you enhance your skateboarding skills well.

Do it slowly so that you can learn and try or expand more skills after expertise the basic tricks. Balancing is most important aspect when you riding with skateboard.


So learn to balance once after doing the advanced tricks. Build your confidence to do the tricks or plan them accordingly. Clearly speaking if you are not able to control your weight on board you can get chance to fall down or hurting yourself.


So these are basic and effective tricks where you can try and start you’re skateboarding. But most important you can wear all the accessories to try the skateboard.

You higher confidence builds your power to judge every decision. That is also helpful in real life. So some precautions are required to effective and safe sporting.


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Hope it helps! Have a nice day.

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