Unleash Your Skateboarding Adventure!

JASPO WORLDWIDE, a well-renowned brand that has pioneered the sports equipment industry. We have been the forerunners in creating sports equipment with expertise, precision, and experience. Jaspo worldwide intend to be a world-class manufacturer of equipment that drives the spirit of sportsmanship in athletes. Our aim is to be a sportsman’s best support system, the tool that promises success and results..

1955: From Wooden to metal rackets

Our history dates back to the year 1955, Sardar Dharam Singh initiated a business that would refurbish wooden rackets. Eventually, we gained expertise in refurbishing metal rackets as well.

1960: Exploring the Badminton and Tennis racquet industry

By 1960, we started gaining traction into the Tennis racquet business owing to the boom in kid’s sports. It started as a humble yet competent business with two people. We went on to be the leading name in the sports equipment provider segment.

1992: Journey into Skateboard and Roller skate expertise

In the year 1992, mini ramps came into picture and hype about skateboards started catching on globally. We created a team that would master the art and science of skateboards. We aced in manufacturing aerodynamic skateboards and roller skates that are flamboyant yet functional. We delved into the finer nuances of manufacturing high-quality maple skateboards and roller skates in India. Our passion for skateboards has translated into us being the world-class provider for skateboards. Our encouraging customer feedback is a testament to our hard work, experience, and expertise in manufacturing exceptional quality skateboards.

Spreading our wings and flying

The deeply rooted values of Jaspo Sports is to enable the world of sports. Our wish to equip athletes with sports products has resulted in branching out to serve our global customers. We branched out into :


Incepted in the year 1999, we were earlier known as Azad Sports. We were then molded to form Jaspo Industries in the bustling new Gautam Nagar.


A global demand for our products was felt, this gave birth to Jaspo Exports in the year 2012. We have catered to Mart giants like Reliance, Vishal Mega Mart & Big Bazar.


A continued growing demand overseas led to an increase in the Jaspo Sports global reach. We now serve the quality conscious Europe & U.S Markets.


Established in the year 2019, Jaspo worldwide brand unified the message Jaspo Sports carried. It was to enable the beloved sports industry using our products.